UCEIV News 2021

Webinar PhytEO project

Come and discover the main achievements of the PHYTEO project funded by ADEME (APR Graine 2016) on 31 March 2021 from 10:00 to 12:00 on ZOOM :

The aromatic plants / essential oils sector for the phytomanagement of soils polluted by TMEs


Webinar “COVID-19 unmasked? “

his free scientific day is organised by the Society of Cellular and Molecular Toxicology (STCM) thanks to the technical support of the Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale. The speakers will present SARS-COV-2 and its passage between species, then the clinical pictures and hospital management.

The programme and further information are available by following the link below :

UCEIV News 2020

New book on Deep Eutectic Solvents released

The book ” Deep Eutectic Solvents for Medicine, Gas Solubilization and Extraction of Natural Substances  ” edited by Sophie Fourmentin, Margarida Costa Gomes and Eric Lichtfouse is now available from Springer.


New book on cyclodextrins released

The book “The History of Cyclodextrins” edited by Sophie Fourmentin, Grégorio Crini and Eric Lichtfouse is now available from Springer.

UCEIV News 2019

Press article : Soil, what new life for marginal sites?

An article in the newspaper “Terre et Territoire” mentions the PHYTEO project (financed by ADEME within the framework of the APR Graine) on phytomanagement and more precisely on the development of a non-food sector for the valorisation of plant biomass produced on soils polluted by ETMs by growing aromatic plants to produce essential oils with biological activities (in particular biopesticides, see blue box of the article)


My thesis in 180 seconds

March 18, 2018

Interuniversity final of the Hauts-de-France at the UPJV – University of Picardy Jules Verne

Amandine Ducousso, doctoral student of the IPCR team of Calais, participated in the competition my thesis in 180 s, presenting her research topic in 3 minutes chrono: “Influence of the interaction between plants, microbes and mycorrhizal fungi on the biological dissolution of phosphates”.

She was selected to participate in the second stage in Amiens.

UCEIV wishes him good luck!

Video link :

ED SMRE link :


UCEIV News 2018

Call to Chapter : Properties and Applications of Deep Eutectic Solvents

A call for a chapter or review for a book edited by Sophie Fourmentin, Margarida Costa-Gomes and Eric Lichtfouse at Springer Nature in the series “Environmental chemistry for a sustainable word” is launched. There is no publication fee, the corresponding author will receive a copy of the book and an abridged version of the chapter may be published in the Environmental Chemistry Letter (IF=3,594). The deadline is 1 December 2018.

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Two books on Cyclodextrins available from Springer

The two books “Cyclodextrin Fundamentals, Reactivity and Analysis” and “Cyclodextrin Applications in Medicine, Food, Environment and Liquid Crystals” edited by Sophie Fourmentin, Grégorio Crini and Eric Lichtfouse are available from Springer.

Learn more about the first volume…and the second

Wood, a renewable and low-polluting energy source under two conditions

During the SFR Condorcet Young Researchers Days, a scientific editor from the Ombelliscience association attended a presentation by Hadi Dib (PhD student in the TCEP team) on the catalytic treatment of polluting emissions from wood combustion. He has just written an article on the theme “wood-energy”, discussing global and local issues with the pollution aspect.

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ULCO Portrait of the Week (27 February 2018) : Margueritta AL ZALLOUHA

At ULCO foreign students come…and succeed! This is the case of Margueritta Al Zallouha who arrived in France 4 years ago. Lebanese by origin, she is now a doctoral student and has just brilliantly defended her thesis, in the CTEA team of UCEIV, under the direction of Dominique Courcot.

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Young Researchers Condorcet Award

During Condorcet Young Researchers Journey on 18 and 19 January 2018, two of our PhD students were awarded:

  • Tarek Moufawad received an award in the category “best oral communication” for his work “Validation of deep eutectic solvents as absorbents for volatile organic compounds on a laboratory pilot”.
  • Alice Fourquez won a prize in the “best posters” category for her work on “Wheat biostimulation: application methods for demonstrating the efficacy of new molecules”.

UCEIV News 2017

Press article in the “Voix Du Nord” : The university is evaluating green solvents to clean the air, a first!

UCEIV and UCCS Artois are conducting research to evaluate the potential of new solvents for the remediation of volatile organic compounds. This work financed by ADEME (CORTEA 1401C0035 project) gave rise to an article in the “Voix Du Nord” on 16 September 2017.

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Springer Press Release: New green solvent could help clean our air

Research work carried out jointly by UCEIV and UCCS Artois and financed by ADEME (CORTEA 1401C0035 project) gave rise to an international press release.

This study evaluates the ability of a new ecological mixture based on choline salt and urea to absorb harmful gaseous pollutants from the environment.

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UCEIV news 2016

Springer Press Release: Essential oils could counter lung and liver ailments caused by air pollution

Research work carried out jointly by the Bioactive Molecules team (Lebanese University) and UCEIV resulted in an international press release.
This study is the first of its kind to evaluate the use of certain essential oil compounds to treat the inflammatory reaction caused by fine particles, and thus combat the harmful effects of air pollution (summary).

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UCEIV joins the SFR Condorcet structure

UCEIV became a member of SFR Condorcet FR CNRS 3417 on March 25, 2016. SFR Condorcet was created by the Universities of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA) and Amiens Picardie Jules Vernes (UPJV). It now brings together more than 500 laboratory researchers also from institutions such as LaSalle Beauvais, ESCOM, UTC, Agro Paris Tech, CentraleSupélec, the University of Lille, Agro Bio Tech de Gembloux (University of Liège, Belgium), and now ULCO.
Through this membership, UCEIV thus joins a federative research structure with which it has already collaborated with several of its members, for several years, in the field of agro-resource development, the environment and sustainable development.



UCEIV partnership in the CPER – CLIMIBIO project

Within the framework of a consortium involving 16 regional laboratories, UCEIV is a partner of the Climibio project, registered in the CPER 2014-2020. Climibio is a multidisciplinary project that aims to study the evolution of the atmosphere and climate, and its impact on biodiversity and human health.

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uceiv news 2015

Presentation to the UCEIV of the SFR Condorcet structure

Professor Christophe Clément, of the URCA in Reims, proposes to present to the UCEIV the SFR Condorcet which he has directed for 3 years, on October 1st 2015 at 14H in Calais. It is a federative research structure bringing together 25 public and private research structures (nearly 500 researchers) and whose objective is to federate research activities in the field of agrosciences and sustainable development.



Presentation of the book: Cyclodextrins, history, properties, chemistry & applications

The book “Cyclodextrins, history, properties, chemistry & applications” coordinated by Nadia Morin-Crini, Sophie Fourmentin (UCEIV) and Grégorio Crini is available from Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté (summary).



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