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The ANR CDeePL Kick-Off meeting took place in Dunkirk on Friday, February 2, 2024. This project aims to develop biocompatible porous liquids based on CD-MOF and eutectic solvents to increase the solubility and bioavailability of active ingredients.




The project is led by Dr. S. Fourmentin of UCEIV in collaboration with three partners:

  • Unistra, CMC UMR 7140 – Dr S. Baudron
  • Paris-Saclay, IGPS UMR 8612 – Dr F.-X. Legrand
  • ENS-Lyon, LCH UMR 5182 – Dr M. Costa Gomes


Were present (from left to right) :

Dr Miriana Kfoury, ULCO

Dr David Landy, ULCO

Dr Margarida Costa Gomes, ENS-Lyon

Dr Vincent Faivre, Paris-Saclay

Steven Ruellan, ULCO

Dr François-Xavier Legrand, Paris-Saclay

Dr Sophie Fourmentin, ULCO,

Dr Agilio Padua, ENS-Lyon

Dr Nithavong Cam, ENS-Lyon

Dr Stéphane Baudron, Unistra

Dr Cintia M. Correa, ENS-Lyon

Pauline André, Unistra