EPR Spectroscopy

The device

Bruker EMX type EPR spectrometer with double cavity operating either at ~9.5 GHz (X band) or ~32 GHz (Q band).

The magnetic field is modulated at a frequency of 100 kHz.

The spectra can be recorded at room temperature (25°C), liquid nitrogen (-196°C), liquid helium (-269°C) and at a variable temperature from -196°C up to 300°C.

Staff in charge

edmond abi-aad

lucette tidahy

Scientific leader

MREI 1 Dunkerque, 1st floor

Tel : 03 28 65 82 62


Technical leader

MREI 1 Dunkerque, 1st floor

tel : 03 28 23 76 04



Bruker’s SYMFONIA and WINERP softwares are used for the simulation of EPR spectra and for the estimation of the concentration of paramagnetic species (organic and inorganic radicals, coordination complexes, transition metals and rare earths, conduction electrons in metallic conductors, irradiation defects and defects in semiconductors, marking and trapping techniques).

Research theme