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Thesis defense 2019

  • 19/11/19 ; amphi1 Dunkerque : Tarek Moufawad, CS team: Development of new washing solvents for the absorption of Volatile Organic Compounds.
  • 06/11/19 ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Hadi Dib, TCEP team : Catalytic treatment of emissions from biomass combustion.
  • 04/11/19 ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Corentin Mussa, CS team : Development and characterisation of bio-based composite materials based on mucilage and flax fibres.
  • 07/10/19 ; amphi C001 Calais: Alice Fourquez, IPCR team : Innovative solutions for wheat health combining applications of biostimulants and Plant Defense Stimulators (PDS).
  • 03/10/19 ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Clémence Meausoone, CTEA team : Air-liquid interface study of the toxicity of Volatile Organic Compounds during repeated exposure. Case of toluene, its homologues and emissions from its catalytic oxidation.
  • 30/09/19 ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Ghidaa Badran, CTEA team: Particulate Air Pollution: Physico-chemical characterization and comparison of the toxic effects of the extractable and non-extractable organic fractions of PM2.5.
  • 05/06/19 ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Clémence Moitessier, CS team : Development of ortho-phthalaldehyde derivatives and Quantum Dots type nanomaterials for the improvement of fluorimetric analysis of biogenic amines.
  • 22/03/19 ; University of Balamand, Lebanon: Nathalie Elia, TCEP team : Energy valorization of CO2 via catalytic methanation.
  • 25/01/2019 ; Cheick Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal, joint thesis, Awa NDong, CTEA team: Outdoor and indoor air pollution in Dakar: pollution characterization, toxicological impact and epidemiological evaluation of exposure and effect markers.

Thesis defense 2018

  • 17/12/18 ; Lebanese University, thesis in co-supervision : Eliane Dahdah, TCEP team : Catalytic vaporization of gycerol for hydrogen production.
  • 4/12/18 at 11am by videoconference in MREI1 ; Lebanese University,  thesis in co-tutorial : Cynthia Abou Serhal, TCEP team: Total oxidation of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) on transition metal catalysts prepared by hydrotalcite: Effect of microwaves on the synthesis method.
  • 28/09/18 at 10am; Dunkirk: Amélie Héliot ; CTEA team: Study of the cellular response and extracellular vesicles produced by primary macrophages exposed to fine particles (PM2.5).
  • 12/07/18 ; Lille : Samara Mejri : IPCR team : Identification and characterization of the mode of action of novel bio-sourced resistance inducers on the wheat-Zymoseptoria tritici pathosystem.
  • 30/01/18 at 10H ; Lebanese University, thesis in co-supervision : Imad EL-Alam ; IPCR team : Phytoremediation of contaminated soil in Bekaa (Lebanon) : valorization of biomass by production of essential oils with biological activities

Thesis defense 2017

  • 19/12/17 at 2pm; Lebanese University, Lebanon, joint thesis: Carole Tanios ; TCEP team: Characterization, evaluation of the toxicity of biogas from household waste and recovery by catalytic reforming.
  • 07/12/17 at 14H ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Margueritta Al Zallouha ; CTEA team : Pilot prospective study of the effects of an ex vivo exposure of human T lymphocytes to particulate air pollution : Research of biomarkers and influence of age.
  • 04/12/17 ; Lebanese University, Lebanon, joint thesis: Joice Azzi : CS team : Improvement of the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of food by encapsulation of active compounds (flavours, vitamins, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids…)
  • 24/11/17 at 10H ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Joudia Akil ; team TCEP : Catalytic purification of CO2 from oxy-fuel combustion
  • 15/09/17 at 14H ; Parreau Calais amphitheatre : Hacène Meglouli ; IPCR team : Phytoremediation assisted by mycorrhizal arbuscular fungi of soils historically contaminated by dioxins/furans consequences on soil microbiota and on the dissipation of pollutants
  • 31/03/17 ; University of Balamand, Lebanon, thesis in cotutelle : Jihane Abou Rached ; TCEP team : Hydrogen production by catalytic reforming of toluene on mixed oxides Ni-Mg-Al: Effect of the addition of cerium or lanthanum.
  • 02/03/17 at 2pm; University of Balamand, Lebanon, thesis in cotutelle: Pamela Melki ; CTEA team : Health impact of airborne particulate matter in Northern Lebanon : from a pilot epidemiological study to physico-chemical characterization and toxicological effects assessment.
  • 20/01/17 at 10H ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Isabelle Delsarte ; IPCR team : Dioxin or benzo[a]pyrene degradation by a tripartite approach : chemical oxidation/biological oxidation by saprotrophic soil fungi/ functionalized starch with surfactant properties

Thesis defense 2016

  • 23/09/16 ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Eléonore Bertaut ; CS team : Development of new methodologies for isothermal titration calorimetry. Environmental and health applications
  • 11/03/16 at 14H15 ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Chloé Roche ; CTEA team : Study of PM10 concentrations and composition on the north coast of France – Evaluation of maritime contributions from the Channel-North Sea area
  • 20/02/16 ; INAT Tunisia, thesis in cotutelle : Lamia Somai Jemalli; IPCR team : Stimulators of the natural defences of durum wheat in Tunisia and soft wheat in France against septoria caused by Zymoseptoria tritici.
  • 11/01/16 ; Amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Raya Mrad; TCEP team : Study of the simultaneous catalytic degradation of NOx/COV.

Thesis defense 2015

  • 27/11/15 at 10H ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Julien Brunet ; TCEP team : Treatment of industrial BTEX by catalytic oxidation
  • 06/11/15 ; Hadath Liban : Miriana Kfoury ; CS team : Preparation, physicochemical characterization and evaluation of the biological properties of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes : applications to phenylpropanoid active ingredients
  • 10/09/15 at 9H ; amphi C001 Calais : Ghalia Mustafa ; IPCR team : Protection of wheat against powdery mildew by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi mechanisms and optimisation 
  • 09/06/15 at 14H ; amphi C001 Calais : Ingrid Lenoir ; IPCR team : Interest of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in the phytoremediation of soils historically contaminated by hydrocarbons: from protection to dissipation
  • 09/06/15 at 10H ; amphi MREI1 : Dima Hammoud ; TCEP team : Synthesis and characterization of mixed oxides based on copper, zinc and aluminium from hydrotalcite type. Application for the vaporeforming reaction of biomethanol
  • 24/03/17 at 13H30 ; amphi C001 Calais : Mareva Ors ; IPCR team : Importance of the cultivar in resistance induced by plant defense stimulators against Mycosphaerella graminicola, the agent responsible for wheat septoria
  • 19/01/15 at 15H ; CNRS Libanais (videoconference amphi extension Citadelle at 14H) : Mira Nawfal ; TCEP team : Catalytic valorization of biogas for clean and renewable energy

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HDR defense 2018

  • 06/12/18 at 10H, amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Cedric Gennequin, TCEP team : Contribution to the study of the catalytic properties of mixed oxides based on cobalt and/or nickel in the dry reforming reaction of methane for biogas recovery 

HDR defense 2017

  • 08/12/17 at 10H ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Frédéric Ledoux, CTEA team : Contribution to the identification of atmospheric particle sources and to the study of their impact on air quality and health
  •  18/10/17 at 14H ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Sylvain Billet, CTEA team : Atmospheric particle toxicity – from physical, chemical and biological characterization to identification of cellular mechanisms of action 
  • 08/02/17 at 10H30 ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : François Delattre, CS team : Contributions to the development and study of supramolecular systems – Applications of fluorescence spectroscopy to environmental analysis

Soutenance de HDR 2016

Soutenance de HDR 2015

Soutenance de HDR 2014

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Seminars 2019

  • 02/05/19 at 14H ; amphi MREI1 at Dunkerque : Post-Doctoral seminar :
    • Somenath Panda, CS team : “Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES): Thermophysical Properties and application towards solubilization of organic compounds”.
    • Yuko Krzyzaniak, IPCR team : “Helping crop plants protect themselves against disease”.
    • Guillaume Rochard, TCEP team : “Oxidation of volatile organic compounds in small quantities in the air”.
    • Thierry Allario, CTEA team : “Effects of different SDP treatments on the expression of target genes involved in wheat defense”.

Seminars 2018

  • 23/05/18 at 14H ; amphi MREI1 at Dunkerque : Doctoral students seminar :
    • Hadi Dib, TCEP team: Catalytic treatment of emissions from biomass combustion.
    • Nancy Haddad, CS Team : Synthesis of new complexing entities based on calix[4] pyrrole for the decontamination of natural radionuclides in aquatic media
    • Robin Raveau, IPCR team: The production of essential oils with organic activities: an eco-innovative sector for the reconversion of historically contaminated soils.
    • Ghidaa Badran, CTEA team: Air pollution in Lebanon: Toxic effects of nitrated PAHs (n-HAPs) and oxygenated PAHs (o-HAPs) of a particulate atmospheric aerosol (PM2.5) on a model of bronchial epithelial cells (BEAS-2B), under rural/urban influence.

Seminars 2017

  • 04/05/17 at 14H ; amphi MREI1 at Dunkerque : Post-Doctoral Seminar/ATER :
    • Morgane Comby, IPCR team: Bio-prospecting, characterization and antagonistic effects of endophytes isolated from wheat to control fusarium head blight.
    • Moisés Cesario, TCEP team : Valorisation of biogas and CO2 for hydrogen production: product with high added value and energy.
    • Mélodie Sawicki, IPCR team: Towards a sustainable agriculture by increasing plant tolerance to biotic stress under climatic change.
    • Abderrakib Zahid, IPCR team: Plant health: identification of plant defence stimulators capable of improving resistance against pathogenic attacks.
    • Simone Poddighe, CTEA team: Metabolomics in clinical and toxicological research.
  • 08/03/17 at 14H ; Mahammed Amphi Poincaré Building in Calais : Doctoral Students Seminar :
    • Margueritta Al-Zallouha, CTEA team: Biomarkers of particulate air pollution toxicity influenced by age.
    • Corentin Musa, CS team: Development and characterization of bio-based composite materials based on mucilaginous bioadhesives and flax fibers.
    • Nathalie Elia, TCEP team : Catalytic energy recovery of CO2.
    • Imad El Alam, IPCR team: Characterization of chemical pollution, eco/toxicity assessment and production of essential oils from plant biomass produced on a soil of the Bekaa (Lebanon).

Seminars 2016

  • 03/11/16 to 14H ; amphi C001 Calais : Seminar to prepare the mid-term self-evaluation :
    • Francine Cazier, CS team: Synthesis of molecular and supramolecular buildings – Contribution to the detection of covalent and cationic entities.
    • Maryline Magnin-Robert, IPCR team: Exploitation of mycorrhizal symbiosis for the phytoremediation of polluted soils and the development of alternative solutions to pesticides.
    • Christophe Poupin, TCEP team : Oxycombustion project.
    • Yann Landkocz, CTEA team: Evaluation of the toxic mechanisms of action of atmospheric pollutants.
  • 22/09/16 at 14H ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Seminar to prepare the mid-term self-evaluation :
    • Frédéric Ledoux, CTEA team: Identification and contribution of sources of airborne particles.
    • François Delattre, CS Team: Valorization of flax products by green chemistry and ultrasonic process.
    • Catherine Rafin, IPCR team: Degradation of organic pollutants: focus on the natural capacities of sapotrophic soil fungi.
    • Renaud Cousin, TCEP team : CoAlCe mixed oxide as an alternative to Pd-based material for catalytic VOC oxidation.

Seminars 2015

  • 18/03/15 at 14H ; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque :
    • Maurizio GULATIERI, Italian National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development, Rome (Italy), guest professor in the CTEA team: Air pollution effects: a multi approach issue.
    • Maryline Magnin-Robert, IPCR team: Presentation of research activities on plant/microorganism interactions: from vine to wheat.
    • Leila Moura, CS Team: Ionic liquids and DES for VOC absorption.
    • Mireille Borgi, CTEA team: Composition and sources of atmospheric particles – assessment of toxic effects on lung cells.
    • Sirena BASSIL, TCEP team: Study of catalytic methane reforming at high and low temperatures.
  • 29/01/15 from 13H30 to 16H30 ; amphi C001 Calais : Doctoral students seminar

Seminars 2014

  • 15/12/14 at 11H ; conference room N° 204 of the Centre Entreprenariat du Littoral (CEL) in Dunkerque :
    • Pierre-Edouard Danjou, CS Team: Application development of sonochemical processes for the valorisation of natural fibres.
    • Perrine Martin, CTEA team: Extracellular vesicles as new biomarkers of toxicity of environmental pollutants.
    • Christophe Poupin, TCEP team : Purification of oxycombustion gases.

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Conferences 2019

  • 23/05/19 at 2 pm at the initiative of the CS team ; amphi MREI1, Dunkerque : Thorsteinn Loftsson, Professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Reikjavik (Iceland) : “Cyclodextrin aggregation and topical drug delivery to the eye”.

Conferences 2018

  • 20/12/18 at 10 am at the initiative of the TCEP team ;amphi MREI1, Dunkerque : Cédric Barroo, FNRS Researcher, Department of Physical Chemistry of Materials and Catalysis at the Université Libre de Bruxelles : Studies of catalytic processes on a nanoscale. .

Conferences 2017

  • 13/06/17 at 14H at the initiative of the CTEA team, amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Jørn Holme, Department of Air Pollution and Noise (Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norvège : Mechanisms involved in DNA damage and inflammatory responses of urban air particle pollution.
  • 13/06/17 at 14H at the initiative of the CTEA team; Dominique Lagadic, head of the Inserm Stress, Membrane and Signalling team (SMS team) at the IRSET (Institut de Recherche en Santé, Environnement et Travail – UMR Inserm 1085, in Rennes): Cancerogenous effects of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: which roles for the plasma membrane?
  • 23/03/17 at 14H at the initiative of the CS team; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Margarida F. COSTA GOMES, CNRS Research Director at the Clermont-Ferrand Institute of Chemistry : Three Approaches to Choose an Ionic Solvent

Conferences 2016

  • 08/09/16 at 14H30 at the initiative of the CS team;amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Daniel Hadaruga, professor at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara (Romania) : Cyclodextrins and liposomes as food/pharmaceutical matrices for obtaining new omega-3 fatty acids-based biomaterials
  • 02/06/16 at 14H at the initiative of the IPCR team ; amphi C001 Calais, Ahmed Qaddoury of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Marrakech (Team Plant Biotechnology and Agrophysiology Symbioses) : Mycorrhizae biological tools to improve plant development and strengthen their tolerance to drought and soil poverty.
  • 21/04/16 at 14H at the initiative of the CS team; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Andrea Mele, Politecnico de Milano, Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering : Cyclodextrins and beyond: Inside new materials by multidisciplinary spectroscopic methods.
  • 25/03/16 at 10H30 at the initiative of the TCEP team; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Svetlana Ivanova, Professor at the Institute of Materials Science of the University of Seville : Study of structured catalytic beds based on noble metals for the reaction of gas to water (Water Gas Shift).

Conferences 2015

  • 10/06/15 at 10H30 at the initiative of the IPCR team ; amphi C001 Calais : Mohamed Hijri, from the Plant Biology Research Institute and the Biodiversity Centre of the Université de Montréal (Canada) : Mycorrhiza-Based Inoculants, a Sustainable Solution for Global Food Security (web site).
  • 12/03/15 at 14H at the initiative of the TCEP team; amphi MREI1 Dunkerque : Satu Ojala, University of  Oulu, Department of Process and Environmental Engineering, Finland : Activities of the Environmental and Chemical Engineering Research group at the University of Oulu, Finland.