Webinar Project PHYTEO

Webinar Project PHYTEO

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31 March 2021 from 10:00 to 12:00 on ZOOM

The aromatic plants / essential oils sector for the phytomanagement of soils polluted by TMEs

Come and discover the main achievements of the PHYTEO project financed by ADEME (APR Graine 2016), led by ULCO while relying on a transdisciplinary academic, private and institutional partnership. It proposes an eco-innovative process for the non-food use of plant biomass produced on agricultural soils polluted by trace metal elements (TMEs) on the Metaleurop workshop site. The aim was to set up large-scale demonstrators in situ and to assess the relevance of a management method based on phytostabilisation aided by mycorrhizal fungi and the production of essential oils (EO) extracted from aromatic and medicinal plants (PPAM) grown on polluted plots of land on a hectare scale, through an approach that integrates both technical and socio-economic aspects.

PhytEO Results Webinar – Replay available


10h00 : Introduction of the project / objectives (Pr Anissa LOUNES – HADJ SAHRAOUI)

10h10 : PPAM development, biomass production and EO yield (Dr Robin RAVEAU)

10h25 : Quality and biological properties of EO (Pr Joël FONTAINE)

10h40 : Evaluation of the transfer of TMEs in the soil-PPAM and distillation residues compartments (Dr Valérie BERT)

10:55 : Technical and economic analysis (Dr Robin RAVEAU)

11h05 : Social acceptability study (Pr Hervé FLANQUART)

11:20 : Conclusions, progress made by the project and obstacles to be overcome (Pr Anissa LOUNES – HADJ SAHRAOUI)

11.30 am: Question and answer session